Unable to create directory ?

This is a common error that occurs when trying to upload themes, plugins and images.   If you install WordPress via Fantastico or a one click install script permissions are usually set correctly via that process.

However, if you install WordPress manually via FTP sometimes permissions are not set correctly.

And thus “directories” are not always writable.

Here are two ways to fix this problem.

Via WordPress Dashboard

  1. Login to WordPress Dashboard
  2. Click on Settings > Miscellaneous  (Settings > Media in WP 3.0)
  3. Look for “Store uploads in this folder”
  4. Make sure path is:  wp-content/uploads
  5. Click Save
  6. Try to upload original file again.

If that doesn’t work then via FTP

  1. Login via FTP
  2. Click to wp-content directory
  3. Change permissions on /uploads and sub folders to 777
  4. Return to site and attempt original upload
  5. If works return to FTP and change permissions back to 755
Unable to create directory

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