Theme Option Settings Will Not Update

If you are unable to update your theme option settings, you may need to make a change to the php in your Theme Options file.

Change this line in your ‘theme-options.php’ file:


$settings = ‘mods_’.get_current_theme(); // do not change!


$settings = ‘theme_mods_corporate_20’ // do not change!

Note: Be sure to use your
How to Remove the Border from IFrame
Lydia on October 18th, 2011

To remove the border from your web page when using iFrame, you must set the border to zero:

<iframe src=”yourURL” width=”550″ height=”800″ frameborder=”0″></iframe>

If you’d like to stop the scrollbars from appearing, you can add this scrolling attribute to your code as well:

<iframe src=”yourURL” width=”550″ height=”800″ frameborder=”0″ scrolling=”no”></iframe>

Note: frameBorder is case-sensitive when using IE7. Don’t forget to use an uppercase B.
Subdomain Feed Produces 404 Error

Until recently, I have successfully worked with many RSS feeds for the WordPress websites I develop and maintain. After creating a subdomain for one of these sites, I was unable to get it to render a feed. I researched and read tons of articles, forum posts and support documentation and found nothing to resolve the issue.

Finally, I ran across a fix so easy that it seemed too good to be true …but it worked! Here are the instructions:

On the Dashboard of the site that gives the 404 error for the feed URL…

Go to Settings &gt; Permalinks &gt; Then resave the permalink structure (no need to make any changes)

Then check your feed URL again. Your subdomain feed should now be working.

How to Remove List Bullets from a Gravity Form

If you are using the Gravity Forms plugin for WordPress, the form you created may be displaying bullets that are not flattering to your form design. If you did not add these bullets yourself, they are more than likely being inherited by your theme’s stylesheet.

To remove the list bullets, add the following to your theme’s stylesheet:

body .gform_wrapper form .gform_body ul,
body .gform_wrapper form .gform_body ul li {
margin:0!important }

Gravity Forms is by far the best form creating plugin that I’ve used and well-worth investing the money to purchase it. It is easy-to-install and once installed, it is really quick and easy to build your forms.

Use Google Feedburner’s BuzzBoost to Display Blog Posts on Multiple Websites

I searched high and low for a method to display a blog post on more than one blog or website without having to retype it or copy-and-paste it. If you manage more than one blog/website and have the need to display the exact same post on both (or several) sites, you can accomplish that by using two free services …Google Feedburner and BuzzBoost.

BuzzBoost is actually a service option provided within Feedburner, so you don’t have to access multiple sites to accomplish this task.

Here’s what you need to do:

If you don’t already have one, register for a free Google account.
Log in to Google Feedburner using your Google account info
In the box under ‘Burn a feed right this instant’ type in the original feed address of the blog or blog category you’d like to share across websites… ex: Your feed address is your website URL followed by a forward slash and the word feed. Click ‘Next’to create your Feedburner feed.
Note: If you’d like to create a feed from a specific post category, use this method for your orginal feed address:
(Replace ‘yourcategoryname’ with your actual category name). Click ‘Next’
Follow the steps to give your feed a title (title is for your reference only). Click ‘Next’
You should now see ‘Congrats! Your feedburner feed is now live.’ Click ‘Next’
Here, you can select additional feedburner stats …or just click ‘Next’ (I just click ‘next’)
Next, you will ’publicize’ or generate the code needed to share your blog post across websites.
Click the ‘Publicize’ tab on the ‘Edit Feed Details’ screen
Click the ‘BuzzBoost’ link under ’Boost your Cross-Promotion Potential’
On the BuzzBoost page, click the box(es) next to the elements you’d like displayed on your website. You are not locked in to the choices you select, so play with different looks. You can change your options at any time, and the website you choose to add this feed to will update automatically each time you make a new selection.
Click ‘Activate’ and a script will be generated for use on any blog/website you choose to display your feed on. You will also see a ‘BuzzBoost Preview’ of what the html page will look like on your site. This preview will change each time you select new options and click the ‘Save’ button.
‘Copy and paste’ the code into your blog/website page. The code is located in the box under ‘Your BuzzBoost is Ready.’ The first word is ‘<script>// <![CDATA[
.  Hit ‘Copy’ and then ‘Paste’ this code directly in your WordPress page or post.<br />
Click  ’Save’  before exiting this screen.</p>
<p>Note:If you change your mind about how you’d like your feed displayed on your website, just log in to your Feedburner account and update the BuzzBoost options …click save, and your website page will automatically display your updates.</p>
// ]]></script>

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