Here is an easy way to take backup up your WordPress database ( completet WordPress Backup), it might just get you out of trouble someday.

I use a neat plugin called WP-DBManager, just search for that tag when you go into ‘Plugins’ – ‘Add New’.

It takes a few minutes to set up, and depending on your host a quick file move using FTP, but once it’s configured it is brilliant.

It allows you to automate your backups completely.

This plugin has saved me more than once when something has gone wrong.

I set mine to automatically optimize and backup the database every three days, just choose the time interval to suit your own needs.

The backup is save to your hosting server AND also email to a Gmail account.

that you can create specifically for your blog backups.

Using Gmail means that you don’t receive all the backups into your email account filling up your hard disk space.

Gmail are so generous with the space on their email accounts.

that you can save many, many months worth of backups with no problem.

In case of any problems simply retrieve the latest backup and start again,

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