RSS is a standard web feed design that was started in 1999. It was used through many publishing platforms. In this article, I will give you some information about RSS and reveal to you how you can utilize it with your WordPress site. RSS has completely changed the way of distribution of content to the readers. The content can also be viewed by the application called RSS Feed. This application allows you to read and download the content through your mobile and computers.
Finding RSS Feeds?

Finding RSS is not so difficult for readers, RSS Feed icon can be found on the bottom of the page. Many Sites try to promote their RSS Feed so the users can subscribe.


How to Manage a WordPress RSS Feeds?

WordPress use to publish the posts to the RSS Feed Pages.

WordPress will provide you some possible Urls for your site where you can manage RSS Feed.

First and second URls use RSS and the third URL use RDF (Resource Description Framework). While many websites deliver atom feed, but RSS 2.0 has become the most widely used system of formatting online.

How to Modify RSS Feed?

The RSS Feed templates cannot be utilized into the WordPress system. That’s why if you want to modify RSS Feed then you will have to edit the core RSS Feed templates. You can find these templates in the /wp-includes/ folder. There are many functions that can help to edit your Feed like RSS Manager and SB RSS feed plus. RSS Manager and SB RSS Feed plus helps you to stop your post-delivery. It’s also helpful for editing your post after publishing it. You can also control your post thumbnail. You can also try RSS Image Feed. This is a very useful plugin which can add the image in your post as a thumbnail. You can also use another plugin called Align RSS Images.

Use of an RSS Reader

Today RSS application can be easily found on every kind of devices like mobile phone, computers, Linux etc. Flipboard is a good option. Flipboard is available for mobile phone operating systems . You can also modify the content with it.

WordPress can only allow editing the items which are viewed. If you install RSS plugin, then you will be able to add the thumbnails to the post Feed. Can also disclaimer the header, can Display the links of subscription and the icon of RSS Feed.

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