php tutorial one:

php  is one of the most common server-side scripting languages. The language has the power to speak back and frontend with a server and make a dynamic website for the user. If you’ve got an internet hosting account to run your personal web log or web site, I will guarantee that PHP is already put in. Even the page you’re viewing at once was created by PHP. If you’ve got ambitions of turning into an internet developer, PHP could be a should for you and can enable you to make dynamic websites supported external input, sometimes from the user. it’s additionally necessary to notice that PHP is associate degree object-oriented artificial language, and O.O.P. is one amongst the items we’ll cowl within the series.

PHP isn’t the language to leap straight into if you got had no expertise in any knowledge. Obtaining a grasp of the essential programming ideas may well be easier in a very language like Visual Basic because the syntax and ideas in PHP may well be quite confusing for a beginner. If you’ve got no expertise in scripting, i would additionally recommend to start JavaScript that could be a client-side scripting language, creating it restricted in comparison to PHP. However don’t let that scare you, PHP teaches some nice writing habits and if you’re capable of selecting things up quickly then you ought to be simply fine. Let’s take a bit examine the syntax 1st, here’s however you’d tell PHP to output the text “Welcome to my website php tutorial” to a browser:

php tutorial, how to start php

php tutorial, how to start php


//starting tag
echo ‘Welcome to my 1st php website tutorial’;

// ending

It all appearance pretty logical, right? you’re reverberant out the sentence close within the quotation marks to the browser. and every statement in PHP should finish with a “;” to send word the processor module that we’ve got over our statement. New lines and expanse aren’t recognize. you need to additionally wrap PHP code within


and “?>”

tags to send word the server once a PHP script can begin and finish.

Therefore if you’re thinking that you’re able to begin learning PHP, click on the primary

What exactly do you need to start coding ?

since If you don’t have any background in programming and you are little confuse with PHP tutorial. What programs, browsers, editor, databases, host etc do you need for start practicing PHP? The tutorial told you how to start .
Its you need programming environment ,

You need Apache , PHP and MySQL , for following my  tutorial .

XAMPP has complete package if you make your pc as a host just active xampp without any change.

you host location will like this drive name\ and XAMPP\htdocs for run your .php extension file


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