Generate Google Analytic Code using google free tool.

Google Analytics is a free tool offered by Google. With this tool, you can view easy-to-read reports that will tell you all you need to know about how visitors are interacting with your website.  Sign up for your account at you can use your normal gmail account to login Google Analytic tool.  Once you’ve signe up, here’s how to generate the code that you’ll need to add to your website:

Click the >> ACCESS ANALYTICS button to log in to your account
In the ‘Sign Up for Google Analytics’ box, click >>SIGN UP >>
Type your website’s URL in the box  (if you have a secure site, remember to use the pull-down arrow to select https:// instead of the default, which is http://
Place your mouse cursor in the ‘Account Name’ box and it will automatically fill in your website name for you. You can keep that name, which is what I do , or change it. Just be sure to choose a name that will allow you to easily identify the website associated with this google analytics account.
Select your ‘Time Zone Country’ and your ‘Time Zone’ using the pull-down arrows
Click >>Continue.
You should now see the ‘Google Analytics Terms of Service’ agreement. Read it, and check the ‘Yes, I agree’ box.
Click >> Create New Account, and your code will be generate
Select what you will be tracking (a single domain is the default).
The code to be posted in your site is shown on the right. Copy it and paste it in your website header or footer area.
Click  >> Save and Finish>>


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here is complete process Google Analytics is now added to your site.

Generate Google Analytic Code

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