Some people have run into the issue that once they upgrade their site to WordPress 4.0, they go to look at their site and all they get is a blank page. Not an error page or a 404 page not found, just a blank page. More often than not this is a case of having a plug-in that is incompatible with version 4.0.

There are steps you can follow to verify and fix this.

Start by logging into your hosting control panel (cPanel for most folks). This will verify that your host computer is up and running. If you can’t log into your control panel it is time for a call to your hosting company.
Next step is to try and log into your WordPress dashboard. If you go to and the log in page is displayed, WordPress itself is fine. This means it is either your theme or your plug-ins. Once you actually log in things could go funky because the plug-ins provide part of your dashboard.

Now we need to get down to checking plug-ins (the most likely culprit). Through FTP or your control panel file manager find your plugins directory under wp-content. Rename the plugins folder something else and see if the problem is resolved. If it is then we have confirmed that one of the plug-ins is misbehaving.


WordPress Blank Page Error

Once you know for sure that it is a plug-in it is time to find out which one. Make a new folder under wp-content named plugins (the old one is still named something else). One at a time move the folders under the old plugins folder into the new one. Check your site after each move. When the site stops working again you know which plug-in is the culprit. Delete that plugin folder and move the rest of the plug-ins over to the new folder. It wouldn’t hurt to continue to do them one at a time while checking the site after each move. You never know, there could be more than one that has a problem.

Then find another plug-in or an updated version of your old plug-in that does what you need.


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