So you’ve signed up for a Google Analytics account so that you can start tracking how visitors are interacting with your website. Google is really good about making it easy to use their tools, but once you’ve generated the code, how do you add it to your site? Well, if you are using WordPress’ corporate theme, it’s a very simple process. Here’s what you need to do:

Copy the google analytics code that was generated by your google account
Go to the dashboard of your WordPress website
Click on >> Appearance then click >> Corporate Theme Options
Under the “Analytics/Stat Track Code” section, Choose “yes” under “Do you want to include analytics/stat tracker code?
Paste the code generated by Google Analytics in the box the reads, “Enter your analytics/stat tracker code:”
Click the >> Save Settings button.

That’s it – Google Analytics is now set to analyze your viewership.

Note: If you are using a theme that does not have the ‘Analytics Tracking’ section, place your google code in the footer.php file right about the “” tag.

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